All specimens must include the patient’s name on every tube or container. To avoid delays, the requisition form has to be complete and include time and date of specimen collection. To comply with Federal requirements, all test requisitions are to be signed by the ordering physicians. Any frozen specimens should be kept separate from routine tests and submitted on a separate requisition form.  Please call the lab to notify them that you have a frozen specimen for pickup. Place the specimen in the freezer and keep until solid. Please check all tubes for expiration dates.


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The guidelines below must be followed to ensure the quality of your results. Samples that don't meet these guidelines will result in a request for the client to redraw the patient's blood.
  1. Serum tubes must be centrifuged promptly after the clot has formed.

  2. Prolonged exposure to bright light can degrade Bilirubin and produce depressed results.

  3. Blue top tubes for coagulation testing must be filled to the top with exactly 4.5 ml of blood. This exact ratio of anticoagulant to whole blood is essential for accurate test results. Samples should be tested within four hours.

  4. Hemolyzed or lipemic samples cause many inaccurate results.

  5. Hemotology samples:

    a. Clotted samples cannot be processed.
    b. Blood cells become distorted if specimen is older than 24 hours. These specimens     cannot produce reliable differential white cell count and cannot be used for     hematology.

  6. Tubes should be properly refrigerated or testing will be delayed.

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